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Yes, they are one of us, Muslims

Terrorism has everything to do with Islam as it has to do with peace. It is by default us, the ordinary Muslims, who face the flak and indignance for any and every terrorist attack that happens in …

Source: Yes, they are one of us, Muslims


Yes, they are one of us, Muslims

Terrorism has everything to do with Islam as it has to do with peace.

It is by default us, the ordinary Muslims, who face the flak and indignance for any and every terrorist attack that happens in any corner of the world.

Some of us don’t even take time to denounce and abhor the ghastly acts committed by indoctrinated minority (yes, they are one of us, Muslims).

We have heard time and again people saying, re-saying and reiterating that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism but the fact remains same that it is from the very same scripture, the Holy Quran, the bigoted lots draw their inspiration from.

The rest of us, also, base our arguments that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

It is because of some ambiguities in the Quran that allow the bigoted few to resort to arms and wreak havoc on innocents, non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

Earlier it was Al-Qaeda, Hizbul Mujahideen and the likes.

The modern day phenomenon is ISIS. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as they call themselves to be and swear to create a caliphate where they can rule and subjugate people based on their whims and fancy.

As if we don’t know about their dirty trade of women being taken as sex slaves or people from Yazidi communities being killed in the name of protecting the tenets of Islam, that same Islam which is followed by roughly 1.6 billions Muslims worldwide.

Yes, approximately a quarter of the total population of the world follows Islam, the newest religion which came into existence somewhere around  632 AD and have ever since experienced exponential growth.

But, a tiny bigoted minority (groups such as ISIS and the likes) has very easily become the mainstream and representative of Islam while the rest of us (more than 1.59 billion people) despite all our good deeds hold no rank.

It is here Muslims worldwide need to do an introspection as to how a tiny lot of bigoted Muslims have taken control of their representation.

The history of Islam is full of bloodshed. The history of real Caliphate, which started after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as to who would become his successor, is full of dispute, assassinations, bloodshed and anarchy among Alids, Abbasids, Omayyads, Hashemites et al.

We have often heard and told that Islam is a religion of peace, of compassion, of love, of tolerance and it has nothing to do with terror. But Islam also allows war in ‘limited context.’

So where do the tiny minority (ISIS and the likes) draw the inspiration from?

Yes, they draw the inspiration from the very scripture, the Quran, like the rest of us.

The problem arises when the ‘limited context’ becomes the soul of the scripture and the tiny minority cherry-picks verses from Quran to brainwash people and justify their acts of killing innocent people in the name of Islam.

Before making anyone responsible for what is happening in the name of Islam, or what should be done, I take responsibility that yes they (terrorists) are one of us, Muslims.

But I also want people to tell me why I, the follower of Islam, the representative of Islam, the ambassador for Islam, the preacher of peace, the believer of co-existence, do not make that much of an impact as they (the bigoted lots) do.

Let us assume there are 160,000 terrorists or suicide bombers, which of course there aren’t, that makes them not even 1 per cent of the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, while the 99 per cent Muslims are doing good and living in harmony with others, rich or poor, Christians or Hindus, Blacks or Whites.

Why do you not believe in Muslims and Islam that is followed by 99 per cent of its followers who are not going in the streets and blowing themselves up.

What is making you believe in that 1 per cent which is in reality not the representative?

It is here that you also need to do an introspection as to why you are MADE to believe the only side of the story.

It is here I urge every one to believe those Muslims who you are friends with, who you meet, who you see and who you know what they are.

Let us make this world a better place to live. Let future generations remember us not for war or terrorism, but peace, knowledge and co-existence.

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